Even the Autocratic Presidential Dynasty Alijev Knows this

Even the Autocratic Presidential Dynasty Alijev Knows this

Azerbaijan has noClaim to Nagorno-Karabakh

Two video sequences recorded in 2001 show Heydar Aliyev literally explaining that Nagorno-Karabakh  is not (no longer) part of Azerbaijan. After all, this is the statement of the late legendary President of  Azerbaijan, who represents a national cult figure and is honoured throughout the country with monu ments, busts and portraits. He also admits that Azerbaijan has no state concept or policy for Nagorno Karabakh.

«Dağlıq Karabaç artıq Azərbaycan deyil. Dağlıq Karabaç məsələsində, Azərbaycanda dövlətin konsepsiya səsi, siyasəti yoxdur.» Heydar Alijev


Indeed, in 2001, the realist Heydar Aliyev sought a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Key  West. Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State at the time, had invited the parties there to nego tiate peace. Aliyev was determined to recognise Nagorno-Karabach as Armenian territory. Under  pressure from his country's nationalist elite, however, he had to refuse to sign the document. 

Since then, a young generation has been raised in Azerbaijan and radicalised with the infamous  slogan "Qarabağ bizimdir" (Karabakh is ours). Armenophobia is now part of the Azerbaijani  reason of state.  

It is time to remind the Azerbaijanis of the cornerstones of their national history, however short  it may be. One of them is the fact that Azerbaijan has no claim to Nagorno-Karabakh, and that  even Heydar Aliyev himself publicly shared this insight. In contrast, his son, hereditary president  and warlord Ilham Aliyev, who in a video sequence is searching in vain for Azerbaijan on a  historical map and only finds Armenia showing exerted astonishment: https://youtu.be/JThawljnm0Y

Artsakh was never part of an independent state of Azerbaijan. 

Nagorno-Karabakh is a historical Armenian settlement area where Azerbaijani immigrants have always been a small  minority. The area is Armenian heartland. It was never part of an independent Azerbaijan, neither in the first republic  after the Russian Revolution nor in the new Azerbaijani state that emerged from the Soviet Union in 1991. Azerbaijan  has no historical or international legal claim to the territory.  

Nagorno-Karabakh and the International Right of the Self-determination of Peoples; The Conflict from a Swiss Per spective by Dr. Philipp Egger;

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